Your Family Clinic for Life

Since 1978, Barg Family Clinic has taken the best care of patients and their families in Little Rock. Our founder Dr. Charles Barg created a legacy of tireless care and advocacy for patients, and our physicians and staff are proud to keep this legacy going today.

Where Personalized Care Comes First

With one of our physicians trained in internal medicine and pediatrics and 3 who are trained in general family care, we’re uniquely qualified to offer you personalized healthcare expertise that other clinics can’t. From pediatric wellness and medicare preventive screenings to chronic pain and asthma management, our team aims to meet your healthcare needs at every point on your wellness journey.

We want you to feel like family here. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease during every visit and when you schedule your next. Because when we do that, we’re able to make a meaningful difference in both your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Your Family, Our Mission

You can trust our team every step of the way as we support you and your family on your path to short and long-term wellness. Request your appointment today, and let us be your family clinic for life!

Why choose us

When choosing a family clinic, you need an honest, compassionate team who makes it their life’s work to keep you and your family healthy. And at Barg Family Clinic, that’s what we do for families every day and have done for over four decades. Your every visit is special to us, because it means seeing you, listening to you, and personalizing our treatments to fit your needs. Come see us today!